Data Science Cheat Sheets

Find here some useful cheat sheets for your Data Science learning efforts.

Be sure to check back, we will be adding many more!

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet 1

The core Linux shell commands you need to be comfortable in the command line. Covers moving through the file system, handling, moving and inspecting files.

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet 2

The Linux shell commands you need to be a command line wizard. Be adept at processing text from the shell itself, finding files and text within files, compress and uncompress files, handle jobs, examine csvs and write your own shell scripts.

Python 3 Fundamentals Cheat Sheet

Python 3 basics for quick reference to get you up to speed. Covers flow control, string handling, file I/O, collections, functional programming and IPython magics.

Git Cheat Sheet

Every Git command that you'll need to handle 95% of use cases. Keep it by your side when you need to change history!